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HSBC Armenia was established in 1996 and is 70% owned by the British banking group HSBC. It has about 40,000 customers and 380 employees. There are 10 branches and 50 ATMs. Banking services are available for personal and business customers. The range of products that are available includes current a... read more

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  • Q: Hi , do you accept USA personal checks in Yerevan ? I intend to move Armenia soon ? Ara

    Reply Ara from Dumont, United States

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  • Deposits
    Q: can a Canadian citizen open an account in Yerevan and make a two year term deposit for 300000 AMD? Thanks.

    Reply peklar from Canada
  • HSBC Armenia 1 Year Time Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Are the deposits guaranteed by government and if yes upto what amount? Are there any limitations/controls to transferring the deposit amount out of the country at the expiry of the term? Is the interest earned taxed and if yes at what rate? Can it be transferred out of the country? Thank you.

    Reply GEORGIOS from Cyprus