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The Armenian economy with a population of 3.26 Million (Est 2010) ranks 126th in the world. It has a GDP PPP of 17.9 billion(IMF 2012 and GDP PPP per capita of 5,392 vs 48,328 (United States) according to the IMF in 2011. Its currency is the Armenian dram (AMD). Bank deposit account products fixed interest rates for an agreed term in Armenia are called time deposit accounts. According to data the inflation rate in Armenia was 4% (2012 est.) and 7.7% (2011 est.).

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Armenia Banks

Provider Branch Founded Ownership
VTB Bank Armenia VTB Bank Armenia 67 Foreign
Artsakhbank Artsakhbank 19 1996 Local
InecoBank InecoBank 16 1996 Local
HSBC Armenia HSBC Armenia 10 1996 Foreign
Ameriabank Ameriabank 9 1910 Local

Armenia Discussion Activity

  • HSBC Armenia - Deposits
    Q: can a Canadian citizen open an account in Yerevan and make a two year term deposit for 300000 AMD? Thanks.

    Reply peklar from Canada
  • HSBC Armenia - Deposits - HSBC Armenia 1 Year Time Deposit
    Q: Are the deposits guaranteed by government and if yes upto what amount? Are there any limitations/controls to transferring the deposit amount out of the country at the expiry of the term? Is the interest earned taxed and if yes at what rate? Can it be transferred out of the country? Thank you.

    Reply GEORGIOS from Cyprus
  • HSBC Armenia
    Q: Hi , do you accept USA personal checks in Yerevan ? I intend to move Armenia soon ? Ara

    Reply Ara from Dumont, United States